CCU Youth Engagement Centre Scholarships

Mel Campbell Keystone Scholarship

Howard Waite GoldRush Legacy Scholarship

Noah Dobson Youth of the Year

At the end of each school year, a youth who‛s involved with BGC Prince County and shows and inhibits the qualities and core values that line up with the BGC mandate which includes:

– Belonging
– Respect
– Encouragement and Support
– Working Together                                             

Will be selected and awarded the title of ‘Noah Dobson Youth of the Year‛. The selected youth will be awarded with $1,000 to go towards post-secondary education.

The youth of the year, like Noah, is a person who is a strong role-model to the younger children and peers at BGC Prince County and in their community. The youth is actively involved in Youth Engagement Centre Programming, and/or volunteering within the BGCS and/or CCYEC. As well as being involved in the Hank Landry gym at the BGCS.

They are also involved in recreational activities/ sports. With that, the youth of the year shows strong teamwork and leaderships skills, always supporting others and being a good team player.

Mike “Pinky” Gallant Memorial Scholarship

Amount of $1,000

Forbie Kennedy Tough Grades Scholarship

Amount of $1,000